» Blender 2.79 - Ambient Occlusion Node - Win64
Updated 20:08 June 4th, 2018
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Contains an experimental ambient occlusion node that is implemented using raytracing like the Bevel node.

Changes in v2:

  • New options "Inside" and "Only Local"
  • Handles smooth normals correctly


Compiled with MSVC 2017, Clang 6.0 and CUDA 9.1.

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17:15 June 6th, 2018
wow, this looks really really nice, it works properly independent can be combine in the material to get effects or masking,
as a curiosity ¿is it going to be possible to also use the ambient occlusion to drive bumps or displacement? or that is it simply imposible due to cyclic redundancy or something similar?
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