» YafaRay v3.2.0 for Sketchup 2017
Updated 07:46 March 26th, 2017
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Experimental and very basic Sketchup 2017 plugin for YafaRay v3.2.0

Probably buggy, and most YafaRay functions cannot yet be used with it, but at least it works ;-)

To install, just use the Sketchup 2017 Plugin Manager and experiment with it.

To use after installation, either go to Extensions->YafaRay and change the various settings or directly click the YafaRay button.

NOTE: gathering mesh faces and materials can be a slow process in SketchUp/Ruby. Sketchup might be unresponsive during that period. To see the activity going on, look at the bottom of the Sketchup window or alternatively, before clicking YafaRay button, show the Ruby console window. With the Ruby console in the screen, when you click the YafaRay button you will see the activity in the Ruby Console.

Please let us know of possible issues in the YafaRay bug tracker.

Best regards!

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