» blender2.8 Branch Weekly #1
Updated 16:09 February 11th, 2017
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This is the start of a weekly build posting. Each week I will build the latest code in the blender2.8 branch and post it here.

This is the first build. Some of the main chnages are


  • Fixed so selection now works
  • The text is not yellow anymore
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11:06 February 12th, 2017
I can confirm that I get network errors when trying to download this. This might be worth Graphicall staff looking into briefly, just to verify.
08:05 February 12th, 2017
no chance to download. also when logged out. :( I believe to many people try to download... maybe from autodesk :)
06:18 February 12th, 2017
2 . John Roper (builder)
It works when I am logged out and try to download.
00:13 February 12th, 2017
Anyone succeeded downloading this build?
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