» TheBounty Renderer 0.1.6 RC4, for Linux x64 and Blender 2.75
Updated 05:25 September 25th, 2015
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TheBounty Renderer is 'povmaniaco' personal fork of YafaRay project.

Build created with Ubuntu 14.04 amd64.

Tested with Blender 2.76 RC2

Changes from RC3:


    - Fix error with load plugins Windows 8.1 (David Bluecame fix)


    - fix Blend material.


    - Unzip inside your  "..\blender\2.75\scripts\addons" folder

    - Activate in 'File/User preferences/Addons'

This is a version 'candidate' and it can contain errors.
Please, make me know any error that you find. That will help me to create a better final version.
Any comment, suggestion or the simple one ' works .. ' it is come well.


For more info about this project visit:


Thank you.

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