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Updated 00:06 July 12th, 2015
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Addons Collection Build
Simply d/l & unpack.
This Build is portable & saves it's own user prefs via it's config folder.
Run from desktop or anywhere.
Modified Addons & 3d View UI
In the default set up provided explore the menu's, many things are different.
Most work I've done is in 3d view startup screen, file, view, render, add, add mesh add curve add surface.
Many other menu enhancements are on display & many more favorites included for you to enable yourself.


Addon factory Based on work Here:


Full List of Included Addons:


Experimental Build that includes many Addons & new UI elements.

Feel free to experiment & provide feedback.

Check what's enabled by default & look at the menu's.

You can show hide most additional menu's.

In Addons factory, Addons Preferences, you can turn off the show hide menu button once you customize (display on
or off) your favorite menu's.

I Could not upload to graphicall download has a media fire link. sorry. no other way but I'll try to get fixed.

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05:02 February 12th, 2018
this is the message for all your links

404 this is not the web page you are looking for

18:14 November 4th, 2017
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What happened to Rock generator I cain't find it in 2.79
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