» Blender 2.79 + Fracture Modifier by Martin Felke (scorpion81)
Updated 23:10 October 8th, 2017
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Blender build with Fracture Modifier and recent changes.


SHA256: 5c 9b a0 22 b2 df f0 fb 70 4b e1 f5 e6 a9 f7 78 a0 6e f5 85 a0 dd cd f2 59 a6 61 86 f7 3f 31 35



Report bugs here:



or in #blenderfracture on IRC (Freenode) to scorpion81 (main coder). 



You can find customized builds for Linux and Mac on: http://df-vfx.de/fracturemodifier



Here is what you can do with it:



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