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Updated 11:47 March 23rd, 2015
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Depsgraph Refactor

Bassam Kurdali, Director of Elephants Dream and the Tube project shares his experiences with dependency graph branch as he goes through some of the files of Elephants Dream.

The awesome developers are Sergey, Joshua, Lukas and others working on updates the branch.



Links: Dev blogMore Dependency Graph Tricks,

 Developer Log, Bassam blender network profile, Tube Project, Elephants Dream.

Blender Dependency Graph Branch for users



Blender Depsgraph Refactor: Corrective Shapekeys Workflow










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04:11 March 3rd, 2015
Hello. I tried to run this version on my machine and I received the following error messages, the application soon be closed then.

My specs:
Win 7 64bit
Dual Core Processor
3 gb RAM
On-board video Intel
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