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Updated 09:56 February 14th, 2015
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Developer - Nicholas Bishop



Links = Test Thread, Ptex Wiki, Dev Logs


Check here in case I can't upload to graphicall.


Quick Usage instructions

0. Starting from the default cube...

1. Set the rendering engine to Cycles Renderer

2. Set the material to use nodes

3. Add a Ptex Texture node and connect its color output to the Diffuse color input

4. From the Mesh properties panel, add a Ptex layer. Set the Ptex node's layer to the new layer.

5. Change viewport shading mode to Material. You should now be able to see the Ptex layer and texture paint on it. You can also render it with Cycles.

Changing Resolution

Beneath the Ptex layer list are two buttons, Halve Resolution and Double Resolution. These operate on selected polygons, and only on the selected Ptex layer. In Texture Paint mode the face selection mode can be used to select faces. 





Build = Cycles-Ptex-49_Win7.x64-9b7bb29

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13:48 February 1st, 2016
Thanks so much for your work on this. It's amazing. Ptex. Wow. Painting without the UV mapping. So cool.
However, I've had two problems in this build:
- It doesn't recognize my GPU. GeForce GTX560 Ti
- When I render, the cube is black. I've tried adding environment light, sun lamp, point lamps.

I VERY much look forward to the official implementation of this. Your work is amazing \o/
13:21 February 11th, 2015
Thank you for this build. I have been looking forward to testing ptex for a while.
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