» Blender 2.72 Custom Split Normals
Updated 04:19 October 9th, 2014
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Current state of Custom Split Normals work:

* Import custom split normals from FBX files.

* Custom split normals are stored and read to/from .blend files.

* Add or edit custom split normals with the SetSplitNormals modifier, either from a spheroid or from another geometry’s faces normals.

Those custom split normals are then usable in 3DView/renders/export, just as in current official Blender.

This is early WIP, there is more than likely nasty bugs sneaking around, cleanup to be done, performance enhancements needed, etc. Features should be rather stable now, though.

Please report any bug to the official Blender tracker (https://developer.blender.org).

See also this blog past.

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