» Blender 2.71.3 - Open Subdiv
Updated 08:21 August 6th, 2014
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Sergey has been working on getting Pixars Open Subdiv into Blender.

Links = (OpenSubdiv GPU Tessellation, BlenderArtist, Logs)
opensubdiv-modifier branch is inside master to build you need to checkout the branch via... 
git checkout opensubdiv-modifier

For testing purposes, at the moment some of the bells -n- whistles are turned off + no cuda

Here's an awesome demo from Sergey on his progress

One things for sure, When Sergey's in the code.... Great things happen!
Just in case, Sergey also has a test blend to use.


Happy Blending (ô¿ô)


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00:11 May 21st, 2014
i lite to try this, but i just have 32bit version, could you build 32 version?? any one??
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