» Blender 2.70.2 - Experimental Color Wireframe
Updated 22:03 April 17th, 2014
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Experimental Color Wireframe

 Screenshot of the Tube Project                                           Simple Test

Screenshot of the Tube project with color wireframes Color Wireframe Test

New patch = Color_Wireframe_outline_test.diff



Links = (Color Wireframes thread, Patch, Ideasman42's Wiki)

Uploading a build for users to test color wireframes so that they can give Campbell constructive feedback of this feature.

It will help Campbell decide if it should be added to the master.

Please post results in the color wireframe thread.


Rock on Campbell  (ô¿ô)


2014-04-17 23:48

Color Wireframe_Win7.x64-4ed16bc

Color Wireframe_Win7.x64-d0c1b44 = old patch

(If you would like to test this old patch, send me a pm on blenderartist)




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