» 2.57 Blender-Cycles Debian Squeeze 32bit
Updated 03:00 May 22nd, 2011
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tar cvzf cycles.36795.tar.gz

  cd bin/


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11:16 May 23rd, 2011
Err.. sorry, the url was removed from previous post, perhaps because i placed it within angle brackets. here are the errors i got on terminal -> http://pastebin.com/NFaVLBUJ
11:15 May 23rd, 2011
Hi, it starts up fine on Lucid Lynx, but with these errors on terminal . :(

@EfratBarTal, are you able to use Cycles without issues in Lucid Lynx?
14:22 May 22nd, 2011
I get a python error with a crash :(

keeps telling me "found bundled python: /home/Testingte/Desktop/bin/2.57/python
Illegal instruction"

Any ideas?
11:22 May 22nd, 2011
working all right on lucid lynx
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