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Updated 07:51 May 4th, 2014
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Dalai Felinto, (Links = Cycles Baking, BlenderArtist, Repository, Report Bugs / Issues, Code ReviewLogsBlendernetwork)

Is a developer that is currently working on baking maps in cycles.

Here's a quote from Dalai...



 The development of baking for Cycles is at a stage where it can use
 some feedback. I'm interested on corner cases where baking fails, and
 would like to hear ideas on how people plan to use it in production.
 (e.g., which passes are to be used how).


 You can see some images of Caminades, OSL baking and more info:
 * http://dalaifelinto.com/?p=990


 The supported passes for Cycles are:


 Data Passes
 * Normal
 * UV
 * Diffuse/Glossy/Transmission/Subsurface/Emit Color


 Light Passes
 * AO
 * Combined
 * Shadow
 * Diffuse/Glossy/Transmission/Subsurface/Emit Direct/Indirect


 Note, as frustrated as it may be, this work does not handle cage
 support. I heard on G+ that without cage nothing of this make sense,
 but that's how we planned the development.


 Cycles is being used to test the new design for the Baking code, and
 we will be able to slowly improve the base Blender code on top of


 The code is here:
 * https://github.com/dfelinto/blender-git/tree/bake-cycles


 Currently known issues:
 * Seams: AO baking is producing some obnoxious seams. (not so much now
 that Im' using white as the background, but still, I would like to see
 how to implement 'margin')


 * Displacement: If anything is connected to the Displacement socket of
 the Material Output, the light passes render as black


 Dalai "


2014-05-03 00:17

I added a script (CBakeGUI_v0.2) by HiPhiSch to the addons_contrib folder, this adds a very helpful gui to use for baking with cycles :)
Props to HiPhiSch



You need to UV Unwrap the object you want to bake...
Go to your User Preferences(check that testing is also selected)/Render/enable the CBakeGUI script.
Then you will have a nice GUI at the bottom of the Render tab to select your directory -n- map selections :)


Again Kudos goes to HiPhiSch




Happy Baking :p



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15:02 May 8th, 2014
i have 750 gtx and it works just fine.
do you want me to test anything in particular?
02:24 May 5th, 2014
5 . tungerz (builder)
@ aombk,
Your very welcome my friend
wish I had a card to play around with and test it (ô¿ô)

16:39 May 4th, 2014
thank you for including kernel_sm_50.cubin
14:54 April 7th, 2014
thx man baking in cycles could be awesome I like to bake texture for exporting to game engine or use them in other render engines since materials are net exportable.I did short test and all works fine .would be nice to bake speck map and color glossy ,I would leave AO,normals as last there is free software called xnormals and works good for these most imporatn is get speck ,diffuse colour and glossy colour to used them out of blender in unity etc .your work awesome thx
05:40 April 6th, 2014
2 . tungerz (builder)
Now + Cuda, thanks to Dalai....
thanks for your kind words my friend.

13:04 April 5th, 2014
Finally, CUDA seems properly implemented. Could you please update this build? I can't compile it in windows, only linux.
Thanks for all your work, big fan of your regular updates.
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