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Here you can see some of the features & limitations of the cuda kernels as they are developed.

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139 Comments so far. Leave yours.
16:01 May 25th, 2018
Sorry to bother you. There's a bug on this version. I was about to submit it to the Blender Bug Report, but I checked and the problem wasn't present in the 2.79 b official. The problem is this: if you use the compositor, and render image, when you save the picture from the UV/Image Editor as EXR file, the picture saved is the render layer, not the composited image. However, when you render animation and save as EXR sequence, those files include without any problem the composited image. In the official 2.79 b release, whenever you save to EXR, it's the composited image what Blender is writing in. Thank you for the hard work, and for your marvelous state-of-the-art releases that allow us to live constantly in the future. =) Cheers.
11:14 March 1st, 2017
138 . tungerz (builder)
Try posting at https://rightclickselect.com/p/ for request or if you believe it to be a bug at you can review or post bugs @ https://developer.blender.org/maniphest/project/2/type/Bug/
06:42 March 1st, 2017
Hi. Gorgeous thinkg. But i can see some of problems, so maybe u could work with this soon.

First: When u using hdri maps, it acctually doesn't create shadow from lights, and it is only under objects. And it don't changing collor.
Second. When i tried create sphere with hdri, set emmision to image, than all plane with shadow catcher is black :/

Thanks for you work, it is greate there is people like you.
05:35 January 3rd, 2017

I would like to build Cycles CUDA binaries
according to

but after build I have

2.78.4 date 2016-12-29
Blender User Preferences
Cycles Compute Device: None

Cycles Render
Device: CPU + GPU Compute ... UI element is grayed but can be switched between these two values

GPU Compute not functioning.


I put this question here
and nobody answered to me.

Please what am I doing wrong ?
15:14 August 16th, 2016
135 . tungerz (builder)
I'm not running Linux, you can score some daily builds straight from blender.org = https://builder.blender.org/download/
07:36 August 4th, 2016
LINUX please! :)
16:12 May 10th, 2014
The Sapling add-on doesn't seem to work in this version. It shows as compatible in the list but I'm only getting a bunch of lines. Is anybody else having this problem ?
02:11 October 27th, 2013
Is it just me or the selection tools in edit mode are all broken ? I can't select anything properly. It always jumps to wrong selection set.
08:48 June 10th, 2013
131 . tungerz (builder)
I knew that this may happen someday due to the development of our Cuda kernels (Same reason that the Blender Foundation only supports Kernels 2.0, 2.1, 3.0)
It seams that there are issues compiling the older 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 (possible 1.3)Cuda Kernels after continuous build fails on cmake I tried scons and I was able to build 2.0, 2.1, 3.0, 3.5...
Gonna try a cmake with 1.3 + to confirm cmake
Looks like I may have to drop those kernels as well.
08:56 May 7th, 2013
130 . tungerz (builder)
When it comes to coding...
I think Campbell has an amazingly accurate blend of python and .bpy running through his veins.
One of these days, Ton may have him cloned (ô¿ô)

16:44 May 6th, 2013
Thanks Tungerz , now it's working. Any idea how he fixed it ? Thanks goes to Campbell too of course.
03:42 May 5th, 2013
128 . tungerz (builder)
Thanks again Blenderer2012,
Great catch before the release of 2.67
Thanks to Campbell :)
He fixed the remove scene as of r56496.

09:37 May 4th, 2013
127 . tungerz (builder)
Thanks Blenderer2012,
I can't remember it being there or not, but I looked as well and it is not in r56494 either, so...
I posted it on the bug tracker :)

Good eye (ô¿ô)
16:38 May 3rd, 2013
I think I found at least one bug. The scene remove button is not there anymore. There is supposed to be a remove button for scenes. The outliner is also missing the option to delete scenes. Good news is that ' bpy.ops.scene.delete() ' still works from the console. Last version that had the scene remove button was ' Win7.x64-56258 '
12:49 April 16th, 2013
125 . tungerz (builder)
Hiya's onnevan
Good Eye (ô¿ô) my friend...
How the heck did I miss SSS
Must have been while blenderstorm was down.
but, I still should have caught it :)

01:55 April 16th, 2013
You forgot to add:
SSS material node: Awesome work Brecht Van Lommel!!
09:01 March 14th, 2013
123 . tungerz (builder)
Hi Cobalt31,
I may have missed some comments somewhere along the line,
but I believe that ATI (errrr... AMD cards) are still not working properly, It has some issues with the OpenCL...
I have an Nvidia card, so I wouldn't be the best to seek advice from,
I would expect that experimental for sure and check OpenCL in the system pref's
Maybe someone else with OpenCL knowledge can chime in with more info on this...

Good Luck my friend :)
13:32 March 13th, 2013

I have a MSI Radeon 7970 HD ... In the System tab window, I don't have the 3 buttons you refer to... only have a big NONE button and the select box has one choise only : CPU

I updated my AMD driver and tried several builds... nothing works... I tried the "Experimental" mode, same thing...

the Rendered diplsay mode works fine though....

I don't get it... if my card is good enough for the live rendering interface, how come the GPU option for rendering is not available to me ?

Regards ;)
10:17 February 19th, 2013
Any Idea if the weight paint bug will be fixed when 2.66 is released? currently weights are always painted through the mesh, as if the option for front faces only is turned off, but this seems to only effect meshes that where created in versions prior to 2.66, not sure of the build# that this problem started to occur on/in.

Sorry about the last, tried to reply on my phone didn't post properly.
12:46 January 28th, 2013
20:11 January 10th, 2013
Hey, I seem to encounter an issue when sculpting and saving the file while in sculpt mode. After saving it, when I reopen it and try to switch back to object mode it automatically crashes. With that said, however, I can open the same file (saved and loaded in sculpt mode) in an older release from blender.org without issue. Let me know if you want any more info and I will provide it.
13:02 January 9th, 2013
just got this to work woho. have been reading comments and noticed alot of people having a problem with the enviorment variable for python xx . have found that you dont need it at all anymore ,you can just delete it . i was having a problem myself with recent builds 2.62 and higher. and found out from going over to blender artists. and others were having the same issue. if blender dosent load, go to system properties,enviorment variables,and in system variables just delete python path. and blender will load straight away. just thought this might help someone. Happy Blending
12:11 December 14th, 2012
117 . tungerz (builder)
Hiya's meta-androcto,
Great work on that button my friend, tis a pleasure to be able to use it and spice up the page a touch. :)
It will always be used here. Of course, that is as long as I have your blessing to use it and graphicall are hosting builds ( ô¿ô )
Awesome work your doing on the Material-libraries, one of these days I will get around to including your addons_extern scripts to my builds.

---+++ To everybody +++---
May we all have a blessed holiday season :)

23:26 December 13th, 2012
hi, thanks for the awesome builds :)
I would really like to say thanks for using my "learn & explore on the wiki" button!
good job mate, I made that years ago and it makes me smile everytime I see it :)
16:38 December 10th, 2012
Anyone having an issue when they open 2.65 and can't find cycles in the renderer dropdown box? in the system console window I get the following error:

ImportError: cannot import name new_module in the System Console window.....

In the User Preferences>System tab, I can still choose my GTX 470s as the CUDA devices.
17:09 October 26th, 2012
File browser is not working with this build (and other recent x64 builds) for me. I have reset to factory settings and the issue persists. Will not allow selecting/opening of files or folders. In line editor works fine. AMD II X4 630 2.8ghz / ATI Radeon HD 4600. Please see link -> http://screencast.com/t/DQKCTPBIZq . Thanks.
16:07 October 23rd, 2012
That would be great , do you compile 32bit versions as well ?
07:45 October 18th, 2012
112 . tungerz (builder)
Anymore details on what was going on at the time of the crash?
I went ahead and added it to this bug report because I think it may be related, but it may be a different issue with more details on the cause. =

Wont add it to this build, but I will try to build one for you when I can get a solid day off work, I have been burning the candle at both ends at the moment.

Happy Blending :)
04:12 October 18th, 2012
Also crashes :(

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: blender.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 507ffa90
Fault Module Name: nvcuda.dll
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 4fb2030d
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 000000000004844e
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Information 1: d2e2
Additional Information 2: d2e2945599f2f26d3701df484995b6f0
Additional Information 3: ce90
Additional Information 4: ce90a776de2e531e2b65cf015cd77fb0

Read our privacy statement online:

If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:
11:21 October 17th, 2012
Would it be possible to include patch for UV offset which enables animating UV for 2d animations easily, its in this build http://graphicall.org/832
16:08 September 17th, 2012
Hi, I think I know what it's your problem. The default layout has been changed, so every time you start Blender (even when you use another build) you get a mess. To reset press space on 3d View and then write "factory". Press Load factory settings and you'll get the default layout.
05:55 September 9th, 2012
I'm Korean. I love blender
I have been using blender since version 2.5

I used blender 2.62 or earlier version without problem and even now It works good.
but from blender 2.63... It does not work.
When I execute it. I meet Screen like below.


Here is machine SPEC.
Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q8200 2.33GHz
Nvidia GTX460 (Driver Version 301.42)
Windows 7 64bit SP1 Korean

I tried to All windows blender 2.63 in Graphicall.org, even though Installer, Portable, 32bit ETC
And my Graphic Card Driver is updated version.

When I failed blender 2.63 first time, I think it will be solved soon.
But It is not work even though Blender 2.63.18

I think maybe my Graphic Card setting or CMOS setup.

It is very important problem for me. Please Help me.
Thank you Always~ Have a Good Day
05:48 September 3rd, 2012
I worked around the problem by installing correct version of Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable (9.0.30729.6161).
But still, I must wonder why that MANIFEST is there! Should it conficure system to take correct redistro from the locan folder ? ! ? !
In any way, I can use theese compilations again !

Sorry to bother,
00:01 September 2nd, 2012
been using your compiles earlier, but now there is problem to run this package (and others as well).
Had to install Win7pro again into empty HD. Then installed all updates and programs been using earlier.
Installed official blender 2.63a.
Now when download packages from Graphicall.org and try to run them they give side by side error messages.
Here is copy from Event Properties:
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Activation context generation failed for "D:\Users\Seppo\Downloads\Ohjelmat\Grafiikkaohjelmat\Blender_64\Win7.x64-50305\blender.exe".Error in manifest or policy file "D:\Users\Seppo\Downloads\Ohjelmat\Grafiikkaohjelmat\Blender_64\Win7.x64-50305\Microsoft.VC90.OpenMP.MANIFEST" on line 4. Component identity found in manifest does not match the identity of the component requested. Reference is Microsoft.VC90.OpenMP,processorArchitecture="amd64",publicKeyToken="1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b",type="win32",version="9.0.21022.8". Definition is Microsoft.VC90.OpenMP,processorArchitecture="amd64",publicKeyToken="1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b",type="win32",version="9.0.30729.6161". Please use sxstrace.exe for detailed diagnosis.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

In the message there is mentions of "amd64" prosessorArchitecture, even thow mine is Intel i7.

Do you have any ideas of fixing this ?
04:36 September 1st, 2012
105 . tungerz (builder)
Hi ancientculture ,
Hmmm, we are building 3.0 kernels and it is in the lib folder, have you tried official release builds as well?
Not sure whats causing it, but try to go to the Render tab/ Feature set and select "experimental", just to see if it will detect it then.
I'll dig around a bit, I know that the Cuda toolkit 5.0 beta is out, so may not be to long before we upgrade from 4.2

15:16 August 31st, 2012

I have trouble to get Cycles running with my GPU. I have a GTX 670 (Windows 7, 64-Bit). When I try to run the rendering on my GPU I got always the message:

"CUDA binary kernel for this graphics card compute capability (3.0) not found."

I tried now several builds, but it just don't work :(

Any idea why?

15:01 August 23rd, 2012
object projectet mapping doesnt show correctly in viewport and also in rendering . there are gaps between the tile maps in rendering and viewport shows something completely differnt if you choose clip ore clip cube under image mapping. ( I did try id on a sphere with several image tiles). And also tested everything with image sampling. doesnt work.

anyway nice work and progress... cheers
13:44 August 15th, 2012
Thank you Tung,it is done.
06:20 August 15th, 2012
101 . tungerz (builder)
Hi Ricardo5721,
Welcome to blender :)
These are zipped archives of daily builds, I use 7-Zip @ http://7-zip.org/ (but you could use winzip, winrar)
You can unzip the archive to any folder you like. Then open that folder and launch the blender.exe

The official release builds of blender are at http://www.blender.org/download/get-blender/
they do offer installers or archives.
Happy blending :)

17:38 August 14th, 2012
I every one,i'm new in blender and i would like to know how to install this new built and were in the folder.
07:12 August 3rd, 2012
knife still doesn't work on large mesh
11:07 July 6th, 2012
ok now the knife tool opens but when you apply it to the big mesh it still crashes blender
06:37 July 6th, 2012
ok some one please fix the knife tool

see bug [bf-blender-Blender 2.6 Bug Tracker][31907] knife cashes blender on windows 64 bit builds if mesh is large blender (all 2.63 builds)
10:01 June 24th, 2012
I have a question about the new tile compositor:
Is it possible to enable the openCL function to use my GPU or is this not yet possible?
I tried pressing the button in the compositor view but it still seemed to use the CPU.
My Specs are:
CPU: Intel i5 2500K
GPZ: GTX 570

Thanks in advance,
06:55 June 22nd, 2012
Hi with this build, orbiting your camera around a selection inside a camera view with lock to camera view and middle mouse button doesn't appear to work. Works in other builds.
15:03 June 17th, 2012
Ah, I see. Thanks for clarifying! :)
11:44 June 17th, 2012
93 . tungerz (builder)
Hi Michael120 ,
It is ok to have, but not needed to run blender, as blender is bundled with python.
For some reason though, it seams that when a different PYTHONPATH, is detected (correct or incorrect path or even a different python version) it throws the flag.
I was just curious, if that was possible in the case...
I spoke to ideasman_42, but it is a frustating issue, that falls in python's bug list more so than blenders.

11:23 June 17th, 2012
So, I'm fine if I have python installed, correct?(I do)
11:34 June 16th, 2012
91 . tungerz (builder)
Hi bugman_2000,
Looking over the older report, Lead me to wonder if...
Do you (Or use to) happen to have python installed on your system? And an python path to it in the environment variables which may or may not be the correct path?
You dont need it ( unless you build or a developer ) as blender bundles with it.
Will check with the devs, I may need to add a new bug report for it.
10:57 June 16th, 2012
Well I'm glad I haven't downloaded them. :P

Tell meh when its fixed, but I'll probably download one and see the problem. ;)
22:45 June 15th, 2012
Ah, sorry, I see my problem's a repeat of an earlier one, which I actually remember seeing a few weeks ago. So, any progress on figuring out what's happening here?
22:43 June 15th, 2012

Every Graphical build I've tried to use since 2.63 (Windows 7 64) has had the same runtime crash on startup, including this one. The report on the console is this:

found bundled python: C:\Users\tony\Desktop\blender-2.63-r47249-win64\blender-2.
Fatal Python error: Py_Initialize: unable to load the file system codec
File "C:\Python26\Lib\encodings\__init__.py", line 123
raise CodecRegistryError,\
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Official builds run fine. Any idea what's going wrong here, or if there's anything I can change to make these work?


23:28 June 12th, 2012
Hey Iv been using you builds form some time now they are very stable, and I was wondering if you would be up for doing a test, currently
the Groups status of visible, editable and renderable icons are not updating on any build after rev 47537 this is because one of the
devs un commented this functionality because it argued it slow downs draw speed I'm skeptical of this, so could you un comment
his entry and make a build that has this enabled?

I would be very grateful for this as I want to use the newer builds but I make heavy use of the groups and as they
are right now they are unusable, if you make just one build and the draw speed is really REALLY terrible, witch i doubt, then by all means
leave the outliner_draw.c file as it is, but if this is not as bad as described on by the dev I would be very grateful if you could
leave it un commentd so groups work properly.

To fix this change this file like this:

can be "fixed" (if you dont rely on speed) by uncommenting this line in outliner_draw.c

I made a bug report of this if you want to learn more or to see if what I'm saying is true check this link


in the bug report I attached an image showing clearly what the problem with the groups is.

Thanks for your time
10:45 June 6th, 2012
Tex nodes be buggy. :( I'm getting crashes.

But horray on x.xx.9! :D
20:08 May 29th, 2012
The quickest fix I could find was to download the latest 3.2 python, install that. Then update your pythonpath variable to "C:\Python32\;C:\Python32\DLLs\;C:\Python32\Lib\;C:\Python32\Lib\lib-tk;"

Worked for me. Looking forward to playing.

Thanks for looking into it!
07:58 May 25th, 2012
84 . tungerz (builder)
Hi samiboy,
I searched thru the bug tracker and seen a report on this = http://projects.blender.org/tracker/?group_id=9&atid=498&func=detail&aid=31506
I added your report to theirs . It's odd though is that I haven't seen it on m rig :/
Hopefully they will squash the bug.

18:39 May 24th, 2012
I have been having a problem with running new builds after, say, 46384. That was the last build that didn't throw the following error:

found bundled python: c:\users\samschad\downloads\7150_win.x647.x64-46969\win7.x64-46969\2.3\python

Fatal Python error: Py_initialize: unable to load the file system codec
File "C:\Python26\Lib\encodings\_init_.py", line 123
raise CodecRegistryError,\

SyntaxError: invalid syntax

I'm running win7x64 pro on a core i7 920 with 12 gigs of ram and dual GTX 470s.

any suggestions?
15:35 May 24th, 2012
Thanks Tung, I've been looking for that as well!

And 2.63.6! :D
07:59 May 23rd, 2012
81 . tungerz (builder)
Hi Bad_aboom,
The newest features are the Tiles compositor from Jereon Bakker, the Skin Modifier from Nicholas Bishop, Node enhancement from Lukas Toenne + all of the commits logged from other developers are in the mix....
Release Logs = http://www.blender.org/development/release-logs/blender-263/
Here is May's archives = http://lists.blender.org/pipermail/bf-blender-cvs/2012-May/date.html#start
Miika has a awesome RSS feed here = http://www.miikahweb.com/en/blender/svn-logs

Hope that this helps :)
07:32 May 23rd, 2012
Hi guys
Am confused but I must admit am new to Blender. I see alot of new builds 2.63.5 and now 2.63.6, but I don't see any info abouts whats new. Am surely missing something can someone explain to me??

Many thanks.
18:19 May 11th, 2012
Wow! 2.63.5 already!?

That much closer to Motion Blur, SSS, and Volumetric rendering... :)
09:30 May 10th, 2012
Hi Tung,

No it's not just yours. The only one that worked was DingTo's build.
I just updated my drivers & tried the alb3530 build & it still slows down.
I'll try the blender.org builds though & see if those are laggy as well.
Thanks for your time!

06:52 May 10th, 2012
77 . tungerz (builder)
Hi kwayde,
Have you updated your drivers for your 440?
I noticted mine get slower as well
Is it just this build?
You could try alb3530 build = http://graphicall.org/444 or a daily build from blender.org = http://builder.blender.org/download/ to compare if the problem is with my build.
I'll dig around a bit, to see if there is more issues of this.

Hopefully it gets back up to speed.

20:08 May 9th, 2012
Hi Tungerz. My pc keeps momentarily freezing when using GPU rendering, even in the preview window. CPU rendering seems to work much faster for me with no freezing isues. I have a GeForce GT 440. I've only found on experimental build from DingTo (41599) that used the GPU render very well and fast as I've seen in all the other vids of Cycles. What do you think the problem might be?
14:09 May 4th, 2012
Seems we're already at 2.63.4(an hour ago) :O
08:16 May 3rd, 2012
@Tung: Haha; we're heading to 2.64 at a very fast rate! :P

@All; but nobody else has that problem with the knife tool? It's messed me up on my re-topo'ing project. :/
04:57 May 3rd, 2012
73 . tungerz (builder)
@ Michael120
Woah, they pushing this set :p now at x.xx.3 :p
@ mmoore500, I saw brecht made a few cycles comments about crashes, hope that it is fix again :)

Happy blending :)

16:31 May 2nd, 2012
Hi tungerz,

thanks for posting this test build by DingTo (and of course thank you DingTo)
I tested it and received the same errors within the viewport rendering. Happily I was now able to run Mike Pan's BMW Benchmark. I got what expected, GTX 680 seems to be a little faster as a GTX 570 but the shading/lightning looks a bit weird for example on the rims for now.


thanks cekar
13:41 May 2nd, 2012
I've become used to using your builds, pretty much exclusively. However, this latest build is crashing constantly. Most notably if I have cycles set to update in the 3D viewport and I select an empty layer. This causes an instant crash. My comp, win7, i7, GTX 560ti x 2, 12gb ram.
12:39 May 1st, 2012
That was a fast update to a x.xx.2

Anyone else having a problem where the knife won't make straight cuts?

11:09 May 1st, 2012
69 . tungerz (builder)
@ cekar,
Once they get all the tweaks set, you'll be cranking out some awesome render speeds.
Check out the specs for the GTX 690 = http://www.geforce.com/whats-new/articles/article-keynote/
3072 Cuda Cores.... Woah!!!

DingTo has been testing the latest 4.2 toolkit release. here is a test build he built with the 3.0 kernel...
hopefully it will serve you well :)

12:01 April 28th, 2012
Hi tungerz,

I've tried DingTo´s build already immedately after he released it but unfortunately I get errors like this:

rendered viewport:

render without errors:

I hope there will be soon some new builds with this kernel, unfortunately I'm a noob in this section and I have no idea how to "compile" a build??

Yeah thx for your congrats, I fell in the trap with the great amount of CUDA cores^^..... lessons learned

cheers cekar
09:18 April 28th, 2012
67 . tungerz (builder)
Hiya's cekar,
For now I'm building with Cuda toolkit 4.0, with all kernels except 3.0,
You can try DingTo's build here for 3.0 = http://graphicall.org/888
Hopefully soon I can compile for all kernels
Oh and congrats on getting the GTX 680 :)
02:06 April 28th, 2012
Hi all, I can't get cycles running with CUDA. I use a GTX 680 which has CC3.0 stated on Nvidias page. I have installed CUDA Toolkit 4.0.17. When I switch to rendered viewport the error message "CUDA binary kernel for this graphics card compute capability (3.0) not found." Are the new cards GTX6xx already supported? thx
07:45 April 20th, 2012
still have a system crash when I use CUDA GPU render with Ocean modifier... on w7, gtx560, i7-2600 CPU, 16GB ram, last nvidia driver...
maybe must I use a specific cuda driver??
I'm a newbie here... :-)
10:46 April 15th, 2012
Man, I must be sooo blind, sorry for that :S. Was that text and picture always there? Swear I didn't see it!!! I mean I always thought it is some kind of useless demo-screenshot and just scrolled it down... oh and thank you very much it helped :D
08:00 April 15th, 2012
63 . tungerz (builder)
@ ualogic
Hola :)
Have you set the cuda option in User Preferences/System/Compute Device?
This where you can choose between None/CUDA/OpenCl. (Look at the pic above)
Set this to Cuda and then you should see your 8800gt as a option. Then go back to the Render tab and select "experimental", this should give you a gpu option.
Granted tho using a 8800, you wont get all the bells n whistles of a newer one, the developers only support kernels 1.3 +

Hope this helps :)
20:20 April 14th, 2012
Hi, I have a problem. Can't get those CPU/GPU menu. Tried to switch experimental/supported but no changes and it always runs cpu rendering. Using win7 64, nvidia drivers v296.10 and 8800GT card. I've already tried gpu rendering in previous version of blender and it was awesome(and it still working with new drivers), up to 2x performance of my q6600 in complex scenes (and more than 4x in standart cube :D) but in new versions I can't see CPU/GPU menu. Please help.
08:11 April 14th, 2012
61 . tungerz (builder)
@ mike1279,
Hi Mike :) ,
I tried to replicate it and was unable to, it seams to work fine for me.. wierd, Sorry cant be much help.

@ Kirado
Hi Kirado :) ( Cool nick btw )
I've always had to set the shaders up, and then switch to textued view, to see textures, in general though, the base grey for models has been standard for me, in the materials tab you can hover over the material color and copy (ctrl +c) then below in settings/viewport color you can paste (ctrl +v), and the color will show in the viewport.

16:27 April 12th, 2012
Hi there, thanks for the reply:

With these builds.. I find the opengl material preview in the viewport just defaults to grey, and doesn't pick up my textures or the colours of my shaders. In the version I got from blender.org if I give my object a cycles shader that is red, it shows up as red in the opengl viewport with the material preview setting. Is this a bmesh issue or a build issue?
16:45 April 6th, 2012
Hi, with all the latest build I have the same issue. Once I use shift click on a vertex in editmode, Blender will always add-select verts even when shift is no longer pressed.
11:32 April 3rd, 2012
Thank you.:)
11:11 April 2nd, 2012
57 . tungerz (builder)
Hi Saramary,
If you go to User Preferences/addons/ under the Supported Level in the left panel enable the testing tab, then it will show as a option in the Mesh menu :)
09:32 April 2nd, 2012
Hello there!
Can't find LoopTools addon in r45333.
08:48 March 31st, 2012
Game Engine Benchmark
Here is a test scene for game engine if anybody wants to check it out

06:32 March 30th, 2012
54 . tungerz (builder)
@ Kirado
Sorry for the problem, should be ok now..
I had tried to update to cuda 4.2 to be able to build the new 3.0 kernel and I had the same problem, it would freeze my system and I had to reboot, so I reverted back to Cuda 4.0 and you should now be able to use R 45288 +

@ uttampal
Do you have it set in File/User Preferences/System, where you can choose between OpenCL/CUDA and devices?
Once you do then in the render tab you have the option for cpu/gpu
Sorry, I'm not much help when it comes to ATI cards, hopefully others with ATI can help, I know OpenCl is still in development and for now may not render the same as cpu

05:17 March 30th, 2012
hi, i have just updated the ati drivers and it just shown the open cl, cedar

what it means ??
04:48 March 30th, 2012
hey, i have dell n series 1564 inspiron
Graphics Card Manufacturer Powered by AMD
Graphics Chipset ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5450 Series
Device ID 68E0
Vendor 1002

Subsystem ID 0434
Subsystem Vendor ID 1028

Graphics Bus Capability PCI Express 2.0
Maximum Bus Setting PCI Express 2.0 x16

BIOS Version
BIOS Part Number BR037829.001
BIOS Date 2010/06/21

Memory Size 2746 MB
Memory Type HyperMemory

Core Clock in MHz 675 MHz
Memory Clock in MHz 800 MHz

but in compute device its not showing the graphics card

also having same problem in my desktop
as my ati card 4350 hd
03:44 March 30th, 2012
I just get a black window when I run this build. Blender doesn't even start, and can't even look at the prompt window for errors.
Very strange. I have an nvidia GT540m so that's not the issue. Official build work.

Anyone else have the same problem with this build?
10:20 March 8th, 2012
50 . tungerz (builder)
Hi npm1,

I'm running a Nvidia Evga Gtx 560 + 290.53 drivers.
I've always liked Ati products tho, I remember using the all in wonder pro :p

07:51 March 8th, 2012
check this out:
07:36 March 8th, 2012
hello LUCINO275 may i ask wich gpu + driver your using ....becuase im also using AMD/ATI gpu
10:08 February 26th, 2012

Ah, ok. Thanks. (I sorta knew that, just thought they weren't trunk'ed)
15:30 February 25th, 2012
Michael120: it already has contrib addons.

Since they're now integrated with the trunk, all builds have them.

Go to User Preferences > Addons and enable "Testing"

And that's it...

Best regards
07:11 February 16th, 2012
Hey, you think you could do one with the Contrib. addons?
13:23 February 15th, 2012
Woot! 2.62! Thanks Tungerz!
07:34 February 3rd, 2012
43 . tungerz (builder)
@ samiboy
For cards that require Cuda kernels under 1.3... under the feature set, try setting it to experimental...

I've seen this before as well untill my 9600 crashed, i was able to get a gtx 560 and I was amazed by how much faster the 560 is compared to the 9600 ( it was faster to render with cpu )

Hope that this helps my friend :)

05:12 February 1st, 2012
Thanks, though, for the build. AWE-INSPIRING speed on my production box with two GTX 470s! Thanks Tungerz!
05:10 February 1st, 2012
I know that the easy answer is "download and try it"- which I have. But I'm still getting the CUDA 1.3 error: "Error|CUDA device supported only with compute capability 1.3 or up, found 1.1".....

Running driver version 270.61.....
05:03 February 1st, 2012
Sooo..... my poor, aging Alienware m17x with dual GTX280m gpus should be able to run this, right?
13:42 January 27th, 2012
39 . tungerz (builder)
@ matisso
on r43743 Brecht applied another fix for CUDA render passes, needed to align float4 passes. Lets hope this fixes the problem, I will put together a test scene and give a a try too, I will crank out a fresh build when I get off work in the morning.

Thank you my friend,
Glad to hear the builds are working for your ati card :) yet, the phrase goes to Brecht, for his cycles development. Me, I'm a simple build puppet. :)

@ JamesNZ
Thanks you my friend, glad to see that you are enjoying the builds, may they always serve you well :)


12:48 January 27th, 2012
Same issue as in the previous post.

Also, this build stops rendering on my machine at random places, sometimes at the very beginning of render, sometimes well after several hundred or even thousand passes ant returns the following errors in the console:

CUDA error: Unknown error in cuCtxSynchronize()
CUDA error: Unknown error in cuMemFree(cuda_device_ptr(mem.device_pointer))

The second line is being repeated about ten times. After these errors, GPU and memory clocka are severely set back, like it was messing with a driver in some way.

05:41 January 27th, 2012
Rev. 43731 gave me only combined pass, all others were empty (black). I tried with planes with Emission node, as well as Area lights (they use the same node, actually) and no success. Do you have a test scene that renders properly with passes?
03:41 January 27th, 2012
Thank you very much. As a Blender user who has an ATi vga card, i am grateful that i can use opencl gpu render in cycles.
17:28 January 23rd, 2012
Thanks very much for these builds! They work beautifully :D
08:49 January 20th, 2012
34 . tungerz (builder)
@ SergioCajazeiras,
Glad you were able to fix the hotkey. :)
@ dkd and mmoore500
Very Impressive renders times,
I can't wait to be able to get a decent card (card's? hmmm wishful thinking :p) to test with, I'm stuck in the 9600 stone age :p
Brecht, rock with cycles, hope the speeds keep getting faster :)

13:29 January 19th, 2012
Wow. I had been working with a build prior to Multi GPU support. I just got this build. It fired up no problem. Tested out a scene I recently rendered with Cycles single GPU and it took about 1/3 of the time! Multi GPU support is fantastic. Can't thank everyone enough. I have GTX 560ti (x2)
12:24 January 19th, 2012
Wow until this morning I thought cycles was already fast with one GPU.

Same render with one EVGA GTX560Ti that took 2 minutes and 47 seconds is down to 1 minute 32 seconds with two cards in SLI - I can highly recommend these cards!

Thank you Blender + Builders!
06:40 January 19th, 2012
I found the reason for the error :)
In the new version was added hotkey "select loop"
Same that uses the hot key ALT + LEFT MOUSE
Just disable this hotkey and everything is normal:)

Very very thanks for all!
Yours are doing the Blender ! be the best tool 3D !
06:01 January 19th, 2012
Hi !
I'm a desperate problem with new versions of Blender!
Input use preferences in Maya presets. functional ok
But when I put in the edit mode the hotkey ALT + LEFT MOUSE does not work.

Thank you!
08:42 December 14th, 2011
Sorry, 2.61 :)

Now to find those addons you had before...
08:42 December 14th, 2011

It works now with the 1.0 Release! :D (Woot! :D)
08:21 December 14th, 2011
Awesome splash. Thanks for the update tungerz :D
08:54 December 13th, 2011

Some guy on the comments here: http://graphicall.org/builds/444/ also had the same problem, I'm asking him for a link. As for the .blend file, even the default and just trying to render(BI and Cycles, not in the preview
08:34 December 13th, 2011
25 . tungerz (builder)
@ calderongz and Michael120,

What system specs are you 2 running? ex. I'm running a Q6600 quad core, + Win7 x64, 8 gig mem, 9600 gso nvidia card(still gonna upgrade one of these years :p) w/ the latest drivers... I ask sergey about it, and He thinks it is intel based errors, but I did find this on blenders site http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Extensions:2.5/Py/Scripts/Paint/Palettes
It would help to know how it happens, even better a blend file that will create it, you can upload blend files to http://www.pasteall.org
Hopefully it will get resolved :)
09:50 December 12th, 2011
Yesh! Got the error:

"Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

Runtime Error!

Program: C:\Users\[user]\...

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
Please contact the applications's support team for more information"

Blender Console:

Cursor monitor exeption in modal:
'NoneType' object has no attribute 'type'
Fatal Python error: GC object already tracked"

Yes I typed that correctly, with the "modal" and "exeption"(should be model and exception?). Got anything for meh tungerz?
09:42 December 12th, 2011

Its defaulted to CPU rendering, but if you want to change it, on the first tab of the Render settings, or the tab that says "Render", set "Feature Set" to Expiremental, then you can change it to CPU or OpenGL GPU ;)
08:20 December 12th, 2011
How do you get the CPU render to work?
07:51 December 12th, 2011

I've also had some issues, something with a Microsoft C++ Runtime error, although now I can't find it(or make it happen right now)...althought yours does sound familiar. Could you post whats on the cosole or the whole error? Or is that the whole thing?
15:41 December 11th, 2011
Hi Guys! Can you help me!!!!!!!!!!!! This version and other versions to download for Win 7 + x64 are continually freezing blender interface, this is the error ... wmSubWindowSet 0: does not exist.... Not to do! :(
13:14 November 30th, 2011
Hi all, I have problem with Cycles. When I swith shading to rendered, the button to change CPU/GPU don´t appear. I have Geforce 240M and the latest drivers. Can anyone help me?
PS:Sorry for my bad english
22:07 November 29th, 2011
Hey tungerz!! Woohoo just tried out this build. WOW!! camera tracking has come along!
Love the solution for selecting SAD or KLT, and the solve progress UI. Truly amazing.

but, just like the trunk build (64bit), i can't track at all. Whenever I solve I get a massive error (400+) . Which makes it anoying as I want to get stuck into tracking in this build but it won't allow me :(.

Anyway, I made a video illustrating the steps I take to track, and the error i get.

Hope it helps/


10:11 November 22nd, 2011
yeah, patience is a virtue. I tried running it from a directory with no spaces in between, it seemed to give me a different error this time. It showed "kernel" errors in the console.
Still, thanks for your response. I'll just wait for any further updates about it (or any workarounds if ever other users here come up with any). More power to you. ^^
07:47 November 22nd, 2011
yeah, it works fine ;-))
thank you very much
06:18 November 22nd, 2011
15 . tungerz (builder)
@ kalifrago,
Follow-up... the bug with the clone-brush in texture paint is fixed as of r42055 thanks to ideasman_42 :)
I've got a build in the oven to serve fresh, should be up soon.
Great catch :)
10:21 November 21st, 2011
14 . tungerz (builder)
@ kalifrago,
Hiyas, I posted it as a bug in the bug tracker. I will followup when I hear something.

As far as I know opencl is still a wip... you should be able to render with cpu, It wont be until then that ATI cards will render in Cycles... Wish I could help more, but I don't have a ATI card to test.
I hope others may have more input on this for you.
08:01 November 21st, 2011
Hi, I've been downloading other builds here because of the Cycles render which doesn't work on my graphics card. I have two Radeon ati HD 5770s xfx'd. I couldn't make Cycles work despite rolling back drivers. I was wondering if anyone here has run into the same problem and has found a solution for it.

As for my situation, blender kept giving me this error:

"Compiling OpenCL kernel ...
OpenCL Build failed:
Invalid Option: Study/Blender/cycles_x64.Win7-41652/cycles_x64.Win7-41652/2.60/scripts/addons/cycles/kernel (expected - at the beginning)"

I'm looking forward to any helpful response. Thx in advance.
02:53 November 20th, 2011
hello tungerz,
i have a problem with the clone-brush in texture paint....
the clone-brush doesnt identify the second set of uv's to do the cloning....
in every build i've downloaded here, the clone-brush doesn't work.....
in the build 2.60a from blender.org it works...
is it a known bug ?
08:21 November 12th, 2011
11 . tungerz (builder)
Hi holyenigma,
Hmmmm Never thought about it, I'll look into it :)
15:57 November 11th, 2011
tungerz, i unziped your build and the BAT3A build.
(i copied his contrib and external scripts, to your build and it works nicely..)

have you ever thought about adding in the contrib and external scripts?
11:01 November 10th, 2011
Cool Cycles and CUDA works now we have it all.. :)
good job team !

now just to make it better(more features, more material presets), and more stability..
19:21 July 19th, 2011
I always use Blender from a folder targeted to portable applications, and it works just well from there...

On Windows 7 x64, and with User Account Control set to max level.
14:26 July 7th, 2011
7 . tungerz (builder)
Hi ryksz,
I will work fine on... c:\program files I had mine on E: and works just as well ( Well atleast no crashes... Knocks on wood). but like you I felt the need to go c:\program files for the Logics :) I think it wood run on a old Tandy computer :p Enjoy
22:30 July 4th, 2011
Hi there
I just bought a Win764bits, the thing is that I used to extract my blender files just on "c:\blender" folder and it worked just fine just like that on my WinXp, I'm doing just the same now. So I was wondering if I Should do this inside c:\program files where the 64bit applications install instead?

11:57 June 14th, 2011
Je rencontre ce probleme
Fatal Python error: Py_Initialize: unable to load the file system codec
LookupError: no codec search functions registered: can't find encoding
15:25 June 12th, 2011
4 . tungerz (builder)
You have 4 folders in BlenderSVN? blender, lib, build, install? Inside lib 2more folders? win64, windows? Ifso you may try to redownload your Win64 directory. You using TortiousSVN?
15:10 June 12th, 2011
I still get those errors ..

D:\BlenderSVN\lib\win64\opencollada\include\COLLADABaseUtils\include\COLLADABUhash_map.h(31) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'unordered
_map': No such file or directory
Compiling ==> 'collada.cpp'
scons: *** [D:\BlenderSVN\build\blender25-win64-vc\source\blender\collada\AnimationImporter.obj] Error 2
D:\BlenderSVN\lib\win64\opencollada\include\COLLADABaseUtils\include\COLLADABUhash_map.h(31) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'unordered
_map': No such file or directory
scons: *** [D:\BlenderSVN\build\blender25-win64-vc\source\blender\collada\ArmatureImporter.obj] Error 2
d:\blendersvn\lib\win64\opencollada\include\colladabaseutils\include\COLLADABUhash_map.h(31) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'unordered
_map': No such file or directory
scons: *** [D:\BlenderSVN\build\blender25-win64-vc\source\blender\collada\collada.obj] Error 2
scons: building terminated because of errors.

Have to investigate. Thank you Tung
10:53 June 12th, 2011
2 . tungerz (builder)
Hi emt, My config is just a base 64bit config with no quicktime, jack or sndfile = Not available for Win64
build MSVC express with scons. I followed same setup as here. http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Dev:2.5/Doc/Building_Blender/Windows
07:01 June 12th, 2011
Hey there. I get error with COLLADA set True.. how do you build with it ?
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