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Updated 04:19 May 8th, 2014
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***R4.1.4 - fixed a UI bug ***

*** R4.1.3 - updated to new trunk features ***

*** R4.1 - bugfixes + big speedup for prop presel when using subds ***






Adds preselection in Object Mode.

Adds preselection for lattices, bezier/nurbs curves and surfaces.

All supporting circle select and border select.


 Several bugfixes and fixing of memory leaks.


Preselection on/off toggles are now on Npanel->Display instead of Mesh Display!

Tuning of proportional falloff size has been shifted to Ctrl+Alt+Shift+MouseWheel!







EWOCprojects presents...



2.69   -   Linux64   -  complete build without OSL


Preselection in action!




So Ive been toying with Blender core code for quite some months now, and these EWOCprojects builds are meant as a testbed for what I come up with; mainly because waiting for it to be considered for trunk could literally take ages and I want to be able to develop what I like/need without having to adhere to some illusive "roadmap".  Whatever theres a few changes here compared to vanilla Blender:   (take some time to read...)


1.  Preselection Highlighting!


Vert / edge / face element highlighting under mouse with optional normal highlight on face.

Ctrl+hover highlights vert / edge / face paths.

Alt+hover highlights vert / edge / face loops or rings (with Ctrl).

Circle select / border select highlight.

Proportional editing gradient highlighting.


Object highlighting in Object Mode + proportional + circle + border.

Lattice point highlighting + proportional + circle + border.

Curve/surface point highlighting + proportional + circle + border.



Also active in UV editor.

Highlighting is synced over all open views.

Theme colors can be set for selected elements preselection / not-selected elements preselection and proportional preselection.

This for both 3D View and UV/Image editor.


Preselection can be turned on/off in the N-panel (under Display for 3D view), as can Proportional Preselection.

As an added feature, Proportional Size can be adjusted using Ctrl + Alt + Shift + MouseWheel.


N-panel also holds a new option to enable/disable normal highlighting (new icon next to face / vertex normal display buttons).





2.  Modal circle select.


Circle select is now a mode youre in.  This means you can transform the viewport and use other tools during circle selecting.

You switch in and out of circle select with Ckey.  RIGHTMOUSE is used for selecting, LEFTMOUSE for deselecting.

Alt+MOUSEWHEEL is used for tweaking the circle size.

In UserPrefs > Editing theres a setting Circle Select -> Grow with Zoom.  When this is on the proportional size will grow and shrink when zooming.

Doesnt work in perspective mode!



( 3.  Border select direction sensitive.         *** dropped in R3 ! ***


Border select now selects when drawing a border from left to right and deselects when drawing it from right to left. )



4.  Freely moving/rotating the manipulator


It is now possible to disconnect the 3D manipulator from geometry and freely move / rotate it anywhere you want by either using Gkey / Rkey or the manipulator itself with full support for Ctrl-snapping.  You can then reconnect with the geometry and use the manipulator as normal but from the set location / orientation.  Use Ctrl-snapping during rotation to point X-axis towards snapped position.

The manipulator enters this new mode by using the button on the 3D header on the right of the Transform Orientation pulldown.  Move manipulator and then untoggle this button for reconnecting with geometry; the Transform Orientation will show "Free", which is a new mode that uses the set manipulator position / orientation til you switch it back to another setting.

Also possible now is making a custom Transform Orientation when in this "Free" mode; the location of the manipulator will be saved along with its orientation, allowing manipulator settings to be recalled.




Take care; this build is experimental and mainly directed at testing the newly included features and starting a fluxus of bug reports / fixes and feature / implementation discussions.  BlenderArtists thread here




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