» YafaRay 0.1.5 + Blender 2.67 Exporter Addon
Updated 13:35 May 11th, 2013
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Hi All,

this is a build Yafaray external render addon.


You have to download Blender 2.67 Official from:



and follow the instructions in the following video:

Installation tutorial: YafaRay 0.1.2 + Blender 2.62 from YafaRay on Vimeo.



Please report any issues to the following thread:



Happy Blending!

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02:52 June 27th, 2012
21 . megasoft78 (builder)
Hi rinse and Spirou4D,
I'm sorry but I was not checking on graphicall for comments.
I fixed now but for next time could you please post your issues on YafaRay forum?

16:13 June 2nd, 2012
Okay, there appear to be files missing in the 32-bit zip, mainly the files just under yafaray/ (e.g. __init__.py). The 32-bit exporter seems fine if I install the 64-bit first, then replace the bin directory with copy from the 32-bit zip.

Very happy to have YafaRay back! Thanks!
15:58 June 2nd, 2012
I'm having trouble installing the exporter. I followed the instructions in the video, same as I have before with 2.62, but Yafaray does not appear in the add-on preference at all. I see that Blender did install the yafaray folder in my C:\User\etc.\scripts\addons\, but it got that far at least. Loading the default preferences doesn't seem to make any difference.

Is the process entirely the same as 2.62 as shown in the video? Is there some sort of log I can look at to try and figure out why it's not working for me? Thank you!
14:01 May 26th, 2012
Hi megasoft78,
There are a problem: where is the Blender 2.63a Exporter Addon in your zip? Just the Yafaray 0.1.2 beta5a......please.
Thanks for your job too.
04:32 November 18th, 2011
17 . megasoft78 (builder)
have you tried to Load Factory Settings?

01:55 November 18th, 2011
Sorry, I have the same problem with pure blender. So it is not the right place to solve the problem. But if any of you know this issue please help me to solve it.

thank's a lot
00:56 November 18th, 2011
Thank you for the build.
I don't know if it's a known issue but blender crashes when launching User Preferences.
04:26 September 27th, 2011
kk what noob I am: must activate yafaray under rendering addons. thx again and sry :-)
08:43 September 25th, 2011
thx a lot for your precious work! but or I'm stuck or must be a problem somewhere: in the last three builds I cannot select any yafaray engine for rendering. In the last build (09-24) comes back the render engine selection, but still yafaray isn't listed. Do I miss something? - consider I'm still noob with 2.5x so be patience :p thx again!
06:02 August 4th, 2011
I have a problem since the last two release : when I try to launch the blender.exe, I have a 2.58 original version, not the yafaray build ... ?! I proceed as usual : unzip in a specific folder, and launch just after that ... what am I doing wrong ?
06:02 August 4th, 2011
I have a problem since the last two release : when I try to launch the blender.exe, I have a 2.58 original version, not the yafaray build ... ?! I proceed as usual : unzip in a specific folder, and launch just after that ... what am I doing wrong ?
06:03 July 8th, 2011
10 . megasoft78 (builder)
Hi Fadge,
It's better to ask yafaray forum and prepare a blend example.

06:06 July 6th, 2011
Very Exciting Branch !

Keep working, you rock ! But a small question : why this branch did not appear when we try to use a filter on graphicall ? (when clicking on the icon in the box on the top right).

I have some problems of refreshing blend materials preview. Nothing appear, or direct crash. I have no file to share, but I think you can reproduce the error easily (coated glossy + shiny(+ texture) )
Many thanks from France !
22:03 June 19th, 2011
megasoft78, I´ve been trying to connect to the link you provided many times but it didn´t work. please post any other I can use to upload the file.
03:32 June 19th, 2011
hi megasoft78,
i try to download this build many times, but not able to complete. i want yafaray render, can you upload just yafaray render file or upload in other server. i tried all browser not able to complete the download.

01:09 June 17th, 2011
6 . megasoft78 (builder)
Hi timon110,
can you post your scene at yafaray forum?


13:42 June 16th, 2011
And thank you for all your efforts making this build!
13:41 June 16th, 2011
I was testing this build and there seems to be a problem when enabling "Transparent Shadows", whenever I activate it blender crashes, any idea on how to solve this?
17:25 May 3rd, 2011
To check if your CPU is SSE2 capable you can use a program such as CPU-Z.
00:59 May 2nd, 2011
2 . megasoft78 (builder)
Hi memo510,
can you post the error? Use command line and run from there blender to see the error messages.
Is your CPU supporting SSE2? If not is that the reason. Anyway if you want help you can ask to yafaray forum.

21:16 May 1st, 2011
hi, first of all, thanks for the build i was really exited about this download because im a newbie @ blending so when i was ready to render a design i had everything whent downhill, blender render engine is good but i wanted to try yafaray or luxrender but to my luck there is no way i can make this plugins run, so ive been downloading this builds as an alternative... well i keep getting my blender shut down by windows and this data exclition prevention thing and i just cant run this thing, can any body point me in the right direction here?
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