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Happy Coding to all in the GSoC




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11:14 November 30th, 2013
FANTASTIC!! Thx for the Build!!
15:43 September 12th, 2013
4 . tungerz (builder)
You might could try going to File/External Data/ Then click Pack into .blend file
This might save the data...
Also post in Psy-Fi's GSOC 2013 MOARZ texpaint stuffs thread,
@ http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?297257-GSOC-2013-MOARZ-texpaint-stuffs
to get a better answer or input from Psy-Fi :)
04:51 September 6th, 2013
3 .
Excuse me, i have a problem with the new palett manger. Please help me!!!
When i save a file with a palette included and then i open it on another computer (with the same svn version of blender) there is no palette visible? I've searched anywhere on the pc but i haven't found it.
How can i do? Are the palettes collection saved in the .blend file? Does exist a way to export them?
06:44 August 27th, 2013
2 . tungerz (builder)
Thank you sir
It is great to see them put thru the test of times, in the hands of great artist :)

Happy Blending (ô¿ô)
19:07 August 25th, 2013
thankyou for these builds!
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