» Classic Kai's Blender (2.4x series) - Adaptive Subdivision & Softbody based Demolition Modifiers
Updated 11:46 February 10th, 2013
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Classic Kai's Blender (2.4x series) re-uploaded on request.

Main features:

- Adaptive Subdivision Modifier (for concept and docs see http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=119216)

- Softbody based Demolition Modifier (no specific docs available at the moment but conceptual it's similar to http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=101635). Of course, not all features from the original Demolition Script are supported so far.

Smaller changes:

- shadow buffer size below 512 is possible. lower limit here is 64. that's useful if you want to fake GI with lots of shadow buffer spots to avoid slow raytracing. i'm using such methods much for high resolution architecture visualisation, saves lot of rendertime and memory.

- more flexible OSA settings, 1-16 samples possible. 1 sample for example is nice if you don't need OSA but want filtered textures for preview.


The rest is in sync with the official Blender version (2.4x series).
Blend files should be compatible with official blender, only my modifiers will disappear if you load your file into a different blender.

All-in-one Patch: patch.zip
Two small sample blend files: samples.zip
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02:16 February 11th, 2013
very nice, I remember this build well :)
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