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Updated 13:22 December 3rd, 2012
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As it seems it deosn't work out as hoped. I will upload a second try the next few days. 


For multithreading of fluids, smoke, cloth, sculpting.

This is a test build, and i need your help. 


In short, i need a few guys to download this build and test if it works. Works mean, does it start? If yes, very good ;-) If not: Read 1. If Yes: Try Particles, a lot of them. You should notice that all of your cpus are in use? We have a working multithreaded osx build.


1. open Blender with terminal (right-click on blender.app - Show Package Contents, go to /Contents/MacOS and double-click blender. This will start Blender from terminal, which means it output a lot of interesting stuff ;-) Then Copy the last part (maybe 100 Lines) of this Code and post it bellow or better pasteall it.

You have done your part, thanks. this will help me find the issue if there is one.



Post your Results as Comment here or mail me: lalli (at) gmx.net


thanks for your time.


built with gcc 4.7, Cuda not included, will come in next upload.

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02:26 December 6th, 2012
It works fine for me but I don't know where I can see if it's multithreaded. With the activity monitor?
03:06 December 5th, 2012
5 . bashi (builder)
thanks to all of you. That it start is already a good sign.. kinda... I will upload a second try the next few days...

i know that for images that are not set or found it sets pink as color, but not sure if this is the case here...
12:53 December 4th, 2012
Hey Bashi,
I installed and ran this version. I tried smoke and tons of particles but it is not multithreading. Unfortunately all my cycles renders are now PINK... any idea why? Thanks - Konrad
10:53 December 4th, 2012
Ok that was strange.. Ignore the Empty post below...
I tried i as well i wasn't able to notice a problem.
But unfortunately i was not able to notice Multi threading as well. :(
Nice project your working on!
I tried it with smoke and particles only.

I also checked the terminal log, but i didn't got lots of lines... Just this:
loadTile: No noise tile 'noise.wavelets' found.
Generating new 3d noise tile size=128^3
saveTile: Noise tile file 'noise.wavelets' saved.
Generating new 3d noise done
Noise tile file 'noise.wavelets' loaded.
Noise tile file 'noise.wavelets' loaded.
Info: Total files 1 | Changed 1 | Failed 0
Noise tile file 'noise.wavelets' loaded.
Noise tile file 'noise.wavelets' loaded.
Noise tile file 'noise.wavelets' loaded.

Both operations were running only with one cpu (100%)
But good luck!
Hope i works soon :)
10:48 December 4th, 2012
10:16 December 4th, 2012
The program starts.
The program sculpts. For now I used only the mouse, not the tablet.
I am not a Blender expert, so if you already have a test scene I could try particles following your test suggestions.
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